The Rise of the Gods

The Assault on Landing Bay 5

Starting out on Carida, both Liatsovv and Rex Silver were enjoying a tasty adult libation at a local cantina. Liatsovv bought Rex a drink in hopes of meeting someone who could help him acquire a ship. Rex, being slightly intoxicated himself, did not say much. But when imperials came to the bar inquiring about the location of a smuggler, the bartender got himself shot and shit went down. Rex and Liatsovv heard about a ship in landing bay 5 filled with the largest shipment of spice ever seen in the sector. They quickly head towards the bay to see about acquiring the ship when they run in to several other parties with similar interests. Space mafia, rebels, and imperials (and the drunken fools) fight over the ship. Rex and Liatsovv escape with the rebels and the ship and head to Yavin 4.



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